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Marcella Hello! I'm Marcella.

I'm russian mature amateur, who love extreme sex, pussy, anal and double fisting, and huge extreme insertions.

Fisting as an art.

My small harmonous body made for sex and desires the most advanced forms of penetration. Fisting can infinitely improve the penetration, and I turned it to the art. I strive for perfection and coach my holes for the most incredible methods of penetration.

Sexual innovations

I'll show you a shocking actions, which you have never seen before ! I can be fisted when i drive my car, fist in the vagina can lift my body, and punch with a sweep to my pussy. I'll show you extreme exercises with showerhead in my ass and pussy and double fisting in all my holes with two male hands at once. You'll see how I'll get the ax in my pussy, how a rubber balloon explode in my vagina, how a finger to penetrate into my cervix, how my cervix shooting stone balls and much more...

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Marcella Fisting Queen
About me:

Name: Marcella
Nationality: Russian
Date of birth: unknown
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Thighs: 98 cm
Waist: 67 cm
Breast: small, natural
Hair: Blonde (not natural)
Eyes: Blue
Mission: absolutely perfect sex machine ;-)
Maximum diameter of vagina: 9 cm
Maximum depth of vagina: 18 cm
Maximum diameter of asshole: 8 cm

My top 10 sexual pleasures:

1. The greatest pleasure I get from anal fisting, when fist rotated slowly in my ass
2. The same pleasure I get from vaginal fisting, when the fist is moving strongly into my pussy, clenching and unclenching the fingers
3. Double fisting I love before the final orgasm, my pussy gets tired of the intense double-fisting
4. I love to feel a fist and a cock in my holes at the same time (in various combinations)
5. I really like the feeling of submission when the dick with a force penetrates deep into my throat
6. After anal fisting I love the injection of hot sperm into my ass
7. I like inserting large toys as proof that my pussy can do everything
8. Aquamassage with showerhead insertion makes my pussy more sensitive to fisting
9. I like it when tongue penetrates into my vagina. Unfortunately, it is not long enough.
10. From a strong twist my nipples my orgasm is much more

My extreme Encyclopedia:

Marcella Fisting Queen In my extreme encyclopedia I have listed all kinds extreme sexual actions that I can do:
- Axe insertion
- Double (anal+vaginal) fisting
- Fisting with huge showerhead
- Fucking with huge rotated hand
- Anal fisting with vaginal fucking
- Cervix fingering
- Four huge cucumbers insertion
- Extreme deepthroat fucking
- Digital camera insertion
- Pushing the water with lemon
- Showerhead insertion with anal fisting
- Showerhead insertion + vaginal fisting + anal fucking
- Lifting me by fist in my pussy
- Fucking with bicycle saddle
- Liter bottle insertion
- Balloon exploded in my pussy
- Etc....
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Marcella Fisting Queen

Latest updates:

20.11.2015 - Added new full-size video

"Double zucchini II" part 2 of 2

Resolution of this video - 1280x720. Duration of this video - 32 min.
Extreme actions:
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Fisting with fucking Deepthroat
Double fisting
Pussy fisting Double fisting Creampie

03.11.2015 - Added new full-size video

"Double zucchini II" part 1 of 2

Resolution of this video - 1280x720. Duration of this video - 33 min.
Extreme actions:
Double zucchini insertion, huge eggplant insertion, pussy licking, pussy fisting, fisting with squirting
Double zucchini insertion Zucchini insertion
Huge eggplant insertion
Pussy licking Pussy fisting Fisting with squirting

19.10.2015 - Added new full-size video

"Fisting in the dungeon II" part 3 of 3

Resolution of this video - 1280x720. Duration of this video - 30 min.
Extreme actions:
Double fisting, fisting with fucking, fisting on a swing, fisting with squirting, deepthroat fucking, facializing
Double fisting on a swing Pussy fisting with fucking
Deepthroat fucking
Fisting with fucking Double fisting Facializing

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Extreme drilling and double fisting I sat on a table with balls in my pussy and told about what a terrible fucking I'll be subjected to a few minutes. Then when I got out of balls and I got a first squirting orgasm from fisting, huge dildo attached to an electric drill began tormenting my pussy. After that I had fisting, double fisting, fucking hard in my pussy and throat. I had several strong squirting orgasm, and finally, my face covered with cum.
Double fisting and squirting The two men's fists together have a large size. To get the maximum pleasure and good orgasm from a double-fisting, need a comfortable posture and good warm-up. In this clip you will see a double fisting that gives a real pleasure, a great and powerful squirting orgasms.
Double and anal fisting and water pushing My throat was fucked and my face covered with cum before my pussy and ass got a good fisting and aquamassage. Pressure of water from the showerhead stretched my pussy and accumulate there. I put a lemon in my pussy and pushed it as a powerful fountain. And when a fist in my pussy masturbating cock in my ass, my ass got a good dose of cum, and I pushed it out.
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Axe insertion
Do not you think I look good with the cold steel ax in my pussy ?
Cervix fingering
Cervix fingering - a dangerous action. Do not try this!
I'm sitting in a chair and get a double fisting, and my butt roasted halogen lamp
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